What to Buy in Sorrento

Sorrento Shopping – Typical Sorrentine Products to Buy:

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Sorrento ceramic tableware

In the historical centre of Sorrento, shopping is unavoidable. Everywhere one walks, from the seafront to the narrow side streets and pedestrian precinct, there are shops and stalls everywhere, many selling souvenirs with the Sorrento trademark lemon-patterns.

Typical Sorrentine Products

Intarsio – Inlaid wood is very popular in Sorrento. If you’re going to Sorrento on a tour, you will most certainly be taken to an inlaid wood showroom where you can watch Sorrentine craftsmen skillfully decorate wooden objects with interesting patterns and colours.

After the intarsio demonstration you can buy an amazing array of products from their showroom, ranging from the little jewelry boxes and chess boards to trays, coffee tables and more serious pieces of furniture.

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Intarsio jewelry boxes

Artwork – If you see a spectacular scenery that you absolutely love, why not take it home with you.  There are many shops selling artworks by local artists, many of these capturing the typical Sorrentine landscape.

Ceramics– Brightly coloured Sorrento pottery with lemon patterns can be seen everywhere. These can be a useful addition to your kitchen or tableware, as well as a good souvenir of your Sorrento holiday. We bought some ceramic cups to drink our limoncello with.

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Limoncello cups and jug

Limoncello and other lemon products – Sorrento is famous for its limoncello and decorative bottles of limoncello liqueurs, limoncello infused sweets and chocolates can be bought almost anywhere. But our recommendation is that you go to a place that actually makes them, such as Limonoro on Via San Cesareo.

Other lemon-themed products – Amongst the sea of yellow products, you’ll find gift-packs of lemon-scented soaps and lemon perfumes, aprons and tablecloths with lemon patterns.

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Lemon-pattern Apron

Local Gastronomic Products include nocillo (nut liqueur), liquorice liqueur, olive oil and the Pasta di Gragnano, said to be the best pasta in the region.

Shopping in Sorrento is not restricted to just Sorrentine products.  If you head to Corso Italia, the main street in Sorrento, you’ll find the famous Italian brand names.

Happy Shopping!

For more about Sorrento, see our Sorrento Trip Planner Here.

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