Via dell’Amore – Cinque Terre’s Pathway of Love

Seal your Love with a Padlock at Via dell’Amore:

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Via dell'Amore - Cinque Terre

Via dell’Amore is Cinque Terre’s most famous walk and one that most visitors to Cinque Terre are capable of doing.

Apart from some steps up to the trail, it’s an easy 25 minutes walk on flat, paved walkway that stretches for some 850 metres. You would of course want to allow more time than 25 minutes to enjoy the magnificent views and take snaps.

Cinque Terre Walks

Via dell’Amore is the easiest section of the Sentiero Azzurro (Blue Trail) which takes walkers from Riomaggiore to Monterosso.

Its romantic history attracts many people to this walk and at times it feels like a pedestrian superhighway, especially when you come across groups of visitors who are on day trips to Cinque Terre.

You can approach the trail from Riomaggiore or the Manarola entrance.  There are many signs pointing to the walk entrance so you can’t miss it.  We wanted to work our way from south to north of the Cinque Terre so we started from Riomaggiore.

Via dell’Amore forms part of the Cinque Terre walking trails which are managed by the Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre.  You have to pay an entrance fee to walk the trail and there are Control Points at both ends of the path where you’ll be asked to produce your ticket.  If you’ve bought a Cinque Terre Card, it covers the entrance to Via dell’Amore.

Along the trail there are benches where you can sit and enjoy the splendid views. Bar dell’Amore is a small café on the trail where you can get something to eat and drink whilst enjoying the fantastic views. On a fine day, it’s easy to want to sit up here the whole day.

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Via dell'Amore - Padlocks of Love

Via dell’Amore’s Famous Padlocks

One of the interesting things that you’ll see along the trail are padlocks attached to wire mesh under the tunnel near the Manarola side. Young loves wanting to seal their love forever, come to Via dell’Amore, write their names on the padlocks and attach them on a wire mesh along the trail. If you feel inclined to do this but forget to bring your lock, don’t panic, you can buy one from the hardware store next to Bar Centrale in Riomaggiore.  Some might think that the locks thrash up the area, but hey, this is all part of the romantic history of Cinque Terre’s lovers’ lane.

Note: Unfortunately Via dell’Amore was damaged during the massive September 2011 landslide and as of August 4, 2015, it has not been fully repaired – see Mark’s comment below.

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  1. avatarJohnpaul says

    Hi Helen,
    Have you been to Cinque Terre recently? is the pathway of love open?
    I would appreciate any advice.

  2. avatarBob says

    Plan to be in Riomaggiore in late Sept,2014 and would like any updates if the hiking trail via d’amore reopens

    • avatar says

      Hi Bob, please see response to Jeanpaul above. It’s unlikely that the Via Dell’amour will be re-opened this year.

      Sorry for the bad news.

      Kind regards,

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