Experience the Passion of Opera in a Venice Palazzo

Venice Palazzi – Once the Palatial Homes of aristocrats, officials and the Rich:

Along Venice’s Grand Canal are many grand buildings and palazzi which represent some of the finest architecture of Venice.   Many of these buildings were once the palatial homes of aristocrats, city officials or family homes of rich merchants.

Some of these palazzi were built to show off the wealth and power of the owners and the fronts of the buildings had beautiful frescoes that were intended to impress.  A ride down the Grand Canal in the past was like viewing a parade of palaces whose owners were the who’s who of society during that time.

Many of these grand buildings have been converted into luxurious hotels, whilst others now serve as art galleries,  upmarket shops and concert and opera venues.

If you’d like to experience a famous opera or a classical concert performance in a Venice palazzo, the following are regular venues.

Opera in a Venice Palazzo
Follow Me on Pinterest Palazzo Barbarigo-Minotto

Palazzo Barbarigo-Minotto is a splendid noble 17th century palazzo facing the Grand Canal. The works of famous artists like G.B.Tiepolo, Fontebasso, Mingozzi, Carpoforo, Mazzetti and Tencalla have graced the walls and ceilings of this palazzo.
At the Musica a Palazzo, each act of the opera takes place in a different room of the palace and you the audience become part of the ambience.
See what’s on at Palazzo Barbarigo-Minotto and book operas online Here.

Follow Me on Pinterest Palazzo delle Prigioni

The Palazzo delle Prigioni (Prisons’ Palace) is linked to Palazzo Ducale via the world famous Bridge of Sighs. The function of this palace was to partially integrate the prisons of Palazzo Ducale. With its beautiful rooms overlooking Riva degli Schiavoni and onto San Marco, Palazzo delle Prigioni has become a centre for cultural events.
See what’s on at Palazzo delle Prigioni and book concerts online Here.

Follow Me on Pinterest Ca’ Rezzonico

This palazzo was bought and completed in 1756 by the Rezzonico family when the original owner suffered financial collapse.  The City Council of Venice bought the building in 1935 and it now displays vast collections of 18th century Venetian art.
Ca’ Rezzonico is now one of the finest museums in Venice.
There are currently no concerts on at Ca’ Rezzonico, however you can book concerts at Palazzetto Bru Zane Here.

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