Delft – Final Resting Place of William of Orange

Delft is Famous for its Blue Delft and as the Final Resting Place of William of Orange:

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Delft - Netherlands

Delft is a town that is best-known the world over for its Blue Delft pottery. But this charming town in the province of South Holland (Zuid-Holland) is equally famous as the final resting place of William of Orange.

Delft and the House of Orange

Delft is a typical Dutch town located between Rotterdam and The Hague. When William of Orange took up residence here in 1572, that began the town’s association with the House of Orange. During the Eighty Years’ War or Dutch War of Independence, William of Orange managed to oust the Spanish armies from the northern provinces and established the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands. During this period Delft was one of the leading cities of Holland.

Delft School of Painting

Apart from its Blue Delft pottery, Delft is also famous as the birthplace of Johannes Vermeer. Vermeer and several other notable Dutch painters lived and worked in Delft and were members of the Delft School. Most of their paintings were based on domestic life, church interiors, courtyards, squares and the streets of Delft.

Delft Attractions

Much of the activity in Delft is concentrated on the market square with the impressive Stadhius (Town Hall) and Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) facing each other. Although the origin of Delft dates to the start of the 11th century, most of the city’s monumental buildings are 17th century re-creations. In 1654, the national gunpowder store exploded and destroyed much of the city. The Delft Explosion or Delft Thunderclap, as it is also known, killed over 100 people and injured thousands of others.

Some of the historical buildings in Delft include:

  • The Stadhius (Town Hall) on the Markt
  • Oude Kerk (Old church) – Vermeer and other prominent Delft citizens are buried here
  • Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) – Facing the Stadhius, Nieuwe Kerk contains the Dutch Royal family’s burial vault
  • The Prinsenhof (Princes’ Court) is now a museum
  • The Oostpoort (Eastern Gate) – the only remaining gate of the old city walls

Delft Hotels

There are many hotels in Delft that enjoy canal views and these include the 4-star Hotel de Art, Hotel Leeuwenbrug, Hotel Grand Canal Station Delft and Bridges House Hotel Delft. For the complete list of hotels in Delft see Here.

How to Get to Delft

There are direct trains from Den Haag, Amsterdam and Rotterdam to Delft as well as buses from Den Haag and Rotterdam.

From Amsterdam, there are also a couple of day trips that you can join which will take you to Delft, The Hague and Madurodam.

Map of Delft:

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