Amsterdam by Bike – Seeing Amsterdam the Truly Dutch Way

Amsterdam by Bike is The Truly Dutch Way of Sightseeing in Amsterdam:

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Amsterdam by Bike

There are many ways of getting around Amsterdam – by bus, tram or metro – but the preferred Dutch way of travel is cycling. Amsterdam is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world and there are nearly 400 kilometres of bicycle paths criss-crossing the city. What’s more, the land is pretty flat and there are not many hills to conquer.

If riding a bike is second-nature to you and you’d like to experience Amsterdam by bike, there are several fun bicycle tours that will allow you to enjoy the sights and flavours of Amsterdam the Dutch way.

Amsterdam Historical City Bike Tour

This tour takes you through all the famous attractions, including the Royal Palace, National Monument, Skinny Bridge, Albert Cuyp Market and one of the last windmills in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Culinary Snack Bike Tour

Enjoying local food is an important part of any holiday and on this Snack Bike Tour you can see the sights of Amsterdam and taste a typical Amsterdam ‘bitterbal’ (a meatball snack). Take a bite of a delicious Dutch ‘augurk’ (gherkin). And, of course, try an Old Dutch cheese with a ‘harinkie’ (herring). Combine these treats with a Boswandeling cocktail or Jonge Jenever(Dutch gin) in several of the oldest cafes in Amsterdam, and you’ll soon be an expert!

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Amsterdam by Bike

Amsterdam Beer and Bike Tour

On this small-group Beer and Bike Tour of Amsterdam you will discover that there is more to Dutch beer than Heineken! Beer lovers can learn about the Netherland’s rich beer heritage and taste some of the finest Dutch beers.

Countryside Bike Tour

Once you’ve got the taste of exploring the sights of Amsterdam by bike, you may wish to venture a little further and set off on a 35km (21 mile) ride through the northern district of Amsterdam. The Countryside Bike Tour takes you along scenic paths across a nature reserve and through picturesque old villages, where the traditional Dutch way of life has changed little over the years.

Amsterdam Bike Hire

If you prefer to do your own thing, you can also rent a bike and enjoy the sights of Amsterdam on your own. There are a number of bike hire companies around town or you can also book your bike rental online.


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