Keukenhof – The World’s Most Beautiful Spring Garden

Keukenhof is the Largest Bulb Flower Park in the World  :

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Keukenhof Park - courtesy PR-Keukenhof

World famous for its tulips, the Netherlands is a country that literally blooms at springtime. And if you love gardens and flowers you will most certainly by thrilled by the colourful displays of tulips and other springtime bulbs in bloom.

A magnificent place to see the Netherland’s spring flowers is at the unique Keukenhof Gardens, one of the country’s top attractions! It is the largest bulb flower park in the world and here you’ll see displays created by more than seven million tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, spring bulbs and beautiful trees. Go on the “Walk of Fame” and see tulips named after famous people. Amidst the flowers there are exquisite pieces of sculpture and other works of art to admire.

Keukenhof’s History

Keukenhof is situated in a area that was once a hunting ground in the 15th century. The castle belonged to Jacoba van Beieren and herbs for the castle used to be collected from here, hence the name Keukenhof. After Jacoba van Beieren passed away, Keukenhof was taken over by rich merchant families. Architects and designers were brought in to design an English landscape style garden around the castle. Keukenhof today is owned by a corporation.

The first open-air flower exhibition was held at Keukenhof in 1949. This was the initiative of the then Lisse mayor and a number of leading flower bulb growers and exporters. Keukenhof has grown and grown over the past 60 years and is now an internationally renowned garden.

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Keukenhof Spring Blooms

Visiting Keukenhof

Keukenhof is situated in the Bulb region between Amsterdam and The Hague. It is usually open to the public from March to May. If you’re in Amsterdam for a short stay, a hassle-free way to get to Keukenhof is to join a tour that leaves from the city.

There are three tours to choose from, depending on how long you’d like to spend at Keukenhof:

  • The half-day morning or afternoon tour lasts for 4.5 hours, with 2 hours free time at the gardens.
  • The three-quarter day tour lasts for 8 hours, with 5 hours free time at the gardens.
  • The full-day tour lasts for 9 hours, with 7 hours free time at the gardens.

En route to Keukenhof you’ll drive through the beautiful Dutch countryside, passing vibrant tulip fields along the way. There are several restaurants within the park or you can bring along a picnic lunch to enjoy at one of the many benches and picnic spots.


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