Trattoria al Ponte del Megio – A Small Trattoria in Santa Croce

Trattoria al Ponte del Megio – A Small Canal-Side Trattoria in Santa Croce:

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Ponte del Megio in Santa Croce

Trattoria al Ponte del Megio is a smallish canal-side trattoria in Santa Croce. It is located on Calle Larga, right by the bridge of the same name.

Restaurants near Ponte del Megio

We had planned to dine at La Zucca, a popular vegetarian restaurant near Ponte del Megio, but it was full. Luckily, there is a small cluster of trattorias in the area and as the evening was getting on, we settled on Trattoria al Ponte del Megio right across the bridge from La Zucca. We’ve walked past this trattoria a couple of times during our stay in Venice and liked its picturesque setting. It also seemed to do a reasonable trade.

Dinner at al Ponte del Megio

At 9:30 pm, Trattoria al Ponte del Megio was quite full and so we chose to sit outdoors. Canal-side tables would usually be more popular, but on this evening it was coolish and I was concerned that our food might get cold too quickly. The trattoria serves traditional Venetian dishes with plenty of seafood on its menu. Cozze e Vongole was one of the offerings and both Tony and I ordered this, as neither were prepared to share this all-time Italian favourite. The waitress said that the dish was quite substantial and so we ordered a mixed seafood and a salad to share.

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Dinner at Trattoria al Ponte del Megio

It took about fifteen minutes or so before the bowls of vongole arrived, and when they did, the bowls were large. We thought that being late in the evening, they must have given us all the vongole that they had left. Decidedly missing were the mussels. When we asked the waitress, she said “oh, didn’t I tell you that we’d run out of cozze?” She certainly didn’t – not that we would have changed our mind about the order as the vongole was delicious. We seemed to take forever to finish the dish as there was plenty of clams. The fritto misto was fine, nothing fancy, and the house prosecco was very drinkable.

The dishes that we had were simple traditional Venetian dishes but the picturesque atmosphere of Trattoria al Ponte del Meggio makes it an enjoyable dinner venue. And if you like being entertained at dinner-time, a local busker does tight-rope walks across the canal as well as other stunts on the bridge.  For the generous vongole alone, I would certainly dine here again.


Trattoria al Ponte del Megio
Ponte del Megio
Calle Larga
Santa Croce 1666

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