Venice People Mover

People Mover Linking Piazzale Roma, Marittima Cruise Terminal and Tronchetto:

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Venice People Mover

For the many visitors and Venetian commuters who need to get from Venice to the Venice cruise terminal or the Tronchetto car park, the Venice People Mover has made transport a lot more convenient and comfortable. Launched in April 2010, the People Mover offers cheap, easy and quick connection between Piazzale Roma, the Marittima Cruise Terminal and the Tronchetto carpark station.

Venice People Mover

The Venice People Mover is a monorail-like shuttle that you see in many international airports, which transports passengers from one terminal to another. The train runs from Piazzale Roma at one end of the line (this is the main public bus terminal in Venice and from where the Marco Polo and Treviso airport buses operate) to Tronchetto, the carpark island. In between these two stops is the Marittima Cruise Terminal stop which caters for the thousands of cruise passengers that arrive in Venice everyday and also for those starting their cruises from Venice. Note: The People Mover Marittima station is just outside the port entrance and there is a walk of about five minutes to the ships, however this is on flat and paved surface.

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Venice People Mover Route Map

The People Mover is fully automated and there is no train driver involved. There are lifts at the stations so wheel-chair bound travellers are able to ride on the People Mover. The journey between Piazzale Roma and Tronchetto takes about three minutes.

Operating Hours of the People Mover

Summer (April – October)
07:10 – 22:50 (Mon-Sat)
08:10 – 21:50 (Sundays/Holidays)

Winter (November – March)
07:10 – 22:50 (Mon-Sat)
08:40 – 20:50 (Sundays/Holidays)

Cost : €1.00 for a single journey ticket.

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