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What to See in Venice: Churches in San Polo:

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Chiesa di San Polo, Venice

As the oldest district in Venice, San Polo is also home to some of the oldest churches in the city. In fact the district gets its name from the Chiesa di San Polo.

Here are some of the churches of San Polo, some of which have significant works of art.

Chiesa di San Polo (S.Paolo)

Although the present Church of San Polo building is the result of various works done in the 14th and 15th centuries, there has been a church on this site since the 9th century. Within the church are paintings by Tintoretto, Palma il Giovane and Gian Domenico Tiepolo, with 14 canvases of the Stations of the Cross.

Church of S.Giacometto

Chiesa San Giacometto can be recognized by the large sundial clock face on its main facade. San Giacometto is believed to be the oldest church in Venice. On the left-hand pillar in the chancel is inscribed the date 421. The church stands in the Rialto Market. In the past this was the commercial heart of Venice, where merchants met to thrash out their deals. An inscription on an exterior apse wall recommends that merchants be honest and fair in their business dealings. Opposite is the crouching figure of ‘Gobbo di Rialto’ which was built by Pietro da Salò in 1541. Next to it can be found the Pietra del bando from which the decrees of the Venetian Republic were read out.

Church of the Frari (Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari)

Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, or Frari as it is usually called, is one of great churches of Venice. It stands on in the heart of San Polo sestiere on the Campo dei Frari. The church was built in

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Basilica Frari - Venice

the 14th century by the Franciscan friars, who settled in Venice from about 1222. Rebuilt in the 15th century, it has one of the highest belltowers in Venice after the Campanile. Frari houses some of the finest church art in Venice, including paintings by Titian, Bellini and many other famous artists.

Church of San Giovanni Elemosinario

Nearby to Chiesa San Giacometto is the Church of San Giacometto.  If not for the 41-metre high campanile, you probably wouldn’t notice this church as it is surrounded by shops. There is a Titian piece in this church, but it is not a significant work.

Church of Saint Roch

Chiesa di San Rocco is one of the votive churches in Venice and is dedicated to Saint Roch, protector against the plague.  This church is overshadowed by the Scuola Grande di San Rocco which has extensive works by Tintoretto.

Church of S.Cassiano

The exterior of this church is very plain and featureless, but inside it’s a different story. Chiesa San Cassiano may have been built in the 10th century and it contains paintings by Andrea Schiavone and Jacopo Tintoretto whose “Crucifixion,” is said to be among the finest in Europe.

Church of S.Aponal

Sant’Aponal dates back to the early 11th century and was built by the Sciavola and Rampana families from Ravenna. The name Sant’Aponal is the Venetian version of Sant’Appollinare, the patron saint of Ravenna. Unfortunately this church is now de-consecrated and closed.

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