Restaurants in Cannaregio, Venice

Restaurants in Cannaregio, Venice

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It’s important to check that the restaurant at which you’re interested in eating is open! Restaurants in Venice do not all close on a Monday, rest days vary, and not all open at night. Booking is highly advisable, especially when you want an outside table. And not all restaurants (especially the smaller ones) take credit cards.


Al Giubagio
Cannaregio 5039
(VE) 0415236084
Bar – Restaurant – Trattoria-Osteria. Terrace with a magnificent view over the Venetian Lagoon.

Osteria-Enoteca Giorgione
Cannaregio, 4582/A
Pub/wine shop 10 min from S. Marco and 5 min from Rialto Bridge.

Da Alberto
Cannaregio, 5401
Traditional venetian tavern with a warm atmosphere, it has a large choice of venetian “cicheti”

Trattoria Ai Peochi
Cannaregio, 2232
White table cloths, simple furniture, tables in the open air, in Strada Nova with cuisine by grandmother Guerrina and her son.

Fiaschetteria Toscana
San Giovanni Cristostomo, Cannaregio 5719
Fiaschetteria Toscana, in spite of its name, is pure Venetian and serves some of the city’s best risotto, made with aged organic rice.

Vini da Gigio
Fondamenta San Felice, Cannaregio 3628/A
An entryway bar is lined with wine bottles and two cosy, low-ceilinged dining rooms. The menu is divided between fish and meat/vegetables with wines to match.

Bentigodi (Osteria da Andrea)
Cannaregio 1423,
Great choice for vegetarians. It offers seasonal vegetables such as Sant’Eurasmo artichokes from the nearby Rialto market, treated with the same respect usually reserved for fish and seafood. The decor is rustic and understated.

La Cantina
Campo San Felice
Great stop for a glass of wine and fine cicchetti — or a meal for those who are tired of fish. Wine by the glass a speciality.

Trattoria Marisa
Cannaregio 652
Marisa is an un-touristy trattoria without a sign, frequented by bricklayers and gondoliers at lunchtime. Hearty home-cooking. Selection expands in the evening, meat/game emphasis.


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