Restaurants in San Marco, Venice

Restaurants in San Marco, Venice

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San Marco Restaurants, Venice

It’s important to check that the restaurant at which you’re interested in eating is open! Restaurants in Venice do not all close on a Monday, rest days vary, and not all open at night. Booking is highly advisable, especially when you want an outside table. And not all restaurants (especially the smaller ones) take credit cards.

Antico Martini | read the review | restaurant website
Campo San Fantin, S. Marco 1983
041 523 7027
Founded 1720 and housed in an old historical palace, favourite place of Wagner, Lord Byron, Casanova, Goethe, Balzac, Goldoni, Guardi, Voltaire, Rousseau, Verdi, Dickens, Proust, D’Annunzio, Ibsen, De Chirico, Le Courbousier, Hemingway, Sartre, Stravinsky, Rubinstein, Cocteau, Ungaretti, Montale, Marinetti, Princess Margaret, Bernstein, Laurence Olivier, Marcello Mastroianni…

Ristorante Al Graspo de Ua
San Marco, 5094/A
A fish restaurant, menu is printed daily to offer seasonal choices. Now run by Lucio Zanon, manager of Harry’s Bar in Venice for many years.

Taverna La Fenice
San Marco, 1939
Closed for restoration after the fire at the Theatre, the restaurant has now reopened.
Strauss, Stravinsky, Diaghilev, Toscanini, Pavarotti, and a host of film stars ate here.

Le Bistrot de Venise | read the review here
San Marco, 4685 Calle dei Fabbri tel 041/5236651
Located 100m from St.Mark’s Square and is open all year from 9am to 1am. Guests can choose to sit in the air conditioned interior or take in the atmospheric streets from the outside terrace. Chef specializes in the rediscovery of “historical” dishes of Venetian cooking from the XIV century and after.

Acqua Pazza
Campo Sant’Angelo, San Marco 3808/10
Relatively new (by Venetian standards) and very slick. Big portions but expensive. Service questionable.

Piazza San Marco
Founded in 1720. Expensive, but then Byron liked it. And the coffee was good, although the tea service was an elegant alternative. 18th Century paintings on the walls inside.

San Marco 252, Campo della Guerra
Tiny bar with a few tables outside. Snack on crostini and tramezzini with a wide range of wines. Lunch (The fixed-price menu is a bargain) and dinner are more substantial.


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