The Cutest Devil in Lübeck

The Legend of the Lübeck Devil and St. Mary’s Church

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The Cutest Devil in Lubeck ©Travelsignposts

The medieval town of Lübeck has many tales and legends and one that is popularly told to most visitors is that of the cute little devil, sitting on a stone outside Marienkirche (St. Mary’s Church).

About Lübeck’s Devil at St. Mary’s

As the legend goes, when the first stones of St. Mary were laid, the devil believed that this building would be a wine bar. He liked the idea, because many souls had already found their way to him after frequently visiting such a place.

The devil mixed with the crowd and started to help the workers in their construction of the building. With the help of the devil, it’s no wonder that the building grew higher and higher and amazingly fast.  Step back and take a look at St. Mary and one has to agree that it is a huge church.

One day, the devil realized what the building that he was helping to build is not turning out to be a wine bar. Full of anger, he grabbed a huge boulder to smash the walls that were already standing.

He was just flying through the air nearby when a bold fellow shouted at him: “Just stop it Mr. Devil!  Leave what has already been erected! For you we will build a wine bar just here in the neighbourhood!”

The devil was very pleased with this idea. He dropped the boulder beside the wall, where it is lying until this day. One can see the devil’s claws on the stone. And just opposite the church the workers built the wine cellar of the Town Hall.

So when you’re drinking in the wine bar near Marienkirche in Lübeck, beware that there is a devil lurking around for stray souls!

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